I was doing a Bible study the other day about Obadiah, the really small book of the Old Testament and the prophet to Judah. The main idea of the book is that Edom, the descendants of Esau, were delighting in the calamities of the house of Jacob. I’m not an expert on the Old Testament or anything, but I know Obadiah was telling the people to not rejoice in the suffering of others, and he also predicted the same disasters and hardships on Edom. The book I was reading, “Discovering the God of Second Chances”, by Kay Arthur and Pete de Lacy, was discussing the life of Esau and the events that lead him to be the lesser of the two brothers. It said “Nothing Esau thought, felt, said, or did would change the truth that God chose Jacob over Esau, because God Himself, not man, chose Jacob.” My first thought was taking that sentence literally. Through Sunday School lessons and previous knowledge about Jacob and Esau, I always thought negatively about Jacob for tricking Esau for his birthright and blessing. And yes, Jacob was a trickster, but it was God who had chosen him from the beginning to have the blessing, not the fact that he was favored by his mother, or that his craftiness “won” him the blessing. God chose him.

My second thought about the sentence from the book is that God chose us. Nothing we think, feel, say, or do changes the truth that He loves us. That’s the amazing thing about truth. That it is absolute and nothing can alter it. The truth is that God loves us. The truth is that we are sinners. The truth is that Jesus dies for our sins so that we may be righteous in God’s eyes. That’s the truth. I don’t know about you, but as a female, I have a lot of feelings and those feelings can change the way I think and can start to change the way I act, but those feelings, thoughts, and actions don’t change what’s true. If one day you feel unworthy, or you think you don’t deserve God’s love, or we make a mistake and sin, God still loves us, because that’s the truth. Even those who have turned away from God and lived a life full of sin are able to turn back to Him and be accepted by his love and grace and mercy because it’s the truth. Jesus loves us. (the Bible tells us so!)


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