grocery bag holder

photo 2I needed a way to store my grocery bags, because i keep them and reuse them, but they take up so much space. I found an idea on pinterest here and decided to try it.

  1. Take an empty wipes container and rinse it out really well.
  2. Use mod podge or spray adhesive (I used both) to attach some fabric to the outside of your container. (I used some old scraps I had lying around, so it doesn’t match the lid)
  3. flatten plastic bags and fold in half long ways. Overlap the ends of the bag and start rolling them up. You can use as many as you want, but be sure they fit in the container. Leave the first bag sticking out of the middle to start pulling from.
  4. put the roll of bags in your cute container and close the lid

This is the perfect size to fit under the kitchen or bathroom sink! I love this idea better than the fabric sleeve, even though it takes a little time to roll the bags

photo 1


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