we all die

This past week, I was taking care of a patient. His health was declining and the family was discussing some choices and options and were having a hard time due to all of the emotions involved. It got me thinking about death and how we all die. There is no exception. Every single one of us, our friends, and our family members will die. But what happens after death may vary. I know exactly what will happen to me because I know Jesus died for my sins so that I can be with Him forever in heaven. Are you sure of where you will go after death? What about your family? Friends? One of our responsibilities here on earth as Christians is to tell everyone about Jesus and about our salvation. This doesn’t mean yelling at them or scaring them into making a decision. It simply means living your life in a way that reflects Christ. Sharing your story when the opportunity arises. Answering questions without being judgmental.

Are you willing to live knowing that you could have shared your salvation with someone, but were too scared, and they die before you get another chance? This takes courage and it may not be easy, but everyone dies and some of us may not be living for much longer. We have no way of knowing when we will die, but it will happen. We need to take the chance we have now to share Christ with others. Are you up for the challenge?


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